Personal Projects

Quantum Wave Simulation

Ever wondered what a quantum wave actually looks like? How does it move? What does tunneling look like?

Created from sample code from Wooster's Computational Physics class, I transferred it into JavaScript. It uses Runge Kutta 4th order to simulate the evolution of a Gaussian expectation function. The blue lines are the stepwise potential energy function, which can be adjusted with drag and drop.

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Game of Life javascript

I made an in-browser version of Conway's Game of Life for a company code challenge. It's written entirely in javascript. There is complete test coverage using Jasmine.

I previously made a version of Conway's Game of Life for a college class. It's an Objective-C OsX desktop application, and offers some interactivity.

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Sandwich Bot

Haven't you always wondered if something is a sandwich or not? Is a hot dog a sandwich? What about a taco?

Sandwich bot is the answer to this problem. Simply type any noun, or description of a food, and it will tell you whether or not that food is a sandwich or not.

The chat host uses an Angular 2 front end, connected to a Rails backend. The bot logic is handled by a Python Flask microservice, which uses Celery to asynchronously decide what to reply.

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